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Notarize. No Paper. No Queues. An Online Notary Service Working 24/7

Boston engineer Michael Lee found an idea for a successful business in the existing procedure of document notarization. He founded Notarize in 2016, and it became the most convenient service to complete the process at home.

Here is the full algorithm on how everyone can notarize the document with this tool.

  • Sign up to Notarize so you can easily access your documents and personal data.

  • Upload a document. Fill the form and pass the security procedures.

  • Go through a video meeting with a notary who will approve your document and put a digital seal on it.

  • Enter your credit card data and pay a fair fee. Download the notarized document. Yes, it is that simple!

It simplifies the notarization not only for customers but for businesses. If you are a business owner, you can allow your clients to complete any paperwork online from all over the world. Without any actual papers and travelling, without the possibility of losing valuable transaction details. Let’s see.

Notarize for enterprise allows dealing with multiple documents on a single notarization session, supports two-signer sessions and guided signing during which the notary will ensure each document was signed correctly. You can set a transaction deadline, after which the papers will no longer be accessible for participants.

With Notarize for the mortgage, you can buy and sell homes online. Homebuyers and sellers connect over a video, verify their identities and close the deal. Error validation will allow filling the documents accurately. Sellers can sell to the secondary market and automate their closing operations via REST API. You can collaborate with your closing partners in the app.

Discover paperless closings with Notarize for title agents. Forget about the paperwork and travel. Guide your clients through the closing package online. Work with lenders online, find if they are serving a borrower in your area in a couple of clicks. Save your money and time, close without errors and offer a convenient service to your clients.

Notarize is open 24/7. It serves every American worldwide, anytime. The fees start at $25.

See, what people say about the Notarize. «Let me tell you what happened: I was out of the country and needed a document notarized. Not sure if this was even possible, I tried googling the problem and found Notarize. What a joy to use: I easily scanned the document with my phone and connected to a friendly, professional notary. I signed the document, she notarized it, and for just 25$ my problem had been solved; a small price to pay for this level of flexibility and convenience.» — says Joe, 25-year-old New York citizen who travelled to Georgia at summer and forgot about the document submission deadline for his visa. «Needed a notary on short notice and getting my spouse and two witnesses to an office somewhere during business hours and I wasn’t possible. Notary app let us get it done at 11 pm in our home.» — says Jessica, Californian business-lady who needed to get the notarization done in shortest terms. The idea of Boston engineer Michael Lee is now efficiently solving the problem every American faced for years.

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