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How An Idea Born In Boston Grew To #1 Women Healthcare Company Worldwide

In 2009 Paris Wallace, founded Ovuline. With this project, Paris Wallace applied to the startup accelerator TechStars Boston in 2009. It was the year when Techstars accelerator opened a location in Boston. This was the year when a small team, based in Boston started to change the planning, pregnancy and parenting experiences worldwide.

Since then Ovuline has rebranded to Ovia Health. Paris Wallace developed his company and involved more and more smart and talented people with experience to manage the company. These people were: Gina Nebesar, Alex Baron, Rory O’Connor, Adam Wolfberg, MD, MPH, Gabriela Perez, Molly Howard, Kerri Costa, Todd Grove, Kristin Suppelsa.

Together they made Ovia Health a #1 health application for women and families worldwide. Now Ovia Health has three apps to help women on the different stages of parenting:

  • Ovia Fertility. For active and modern women who are planning a baby.

  • Ovia Pregnancy. For those expecting happy women who want to track if everything is okay.

  • Ovia Parenting. This is a magic wand for women who have a newborn baby. Tips, personalized content, tracking and much more.

Ovia Health is a solution transforming the way of support given to the women and families throughout their parenthood journey. It’s not another tracking app, it is a life and health coach living in the smartphone. We collected several feedbacks about Ovia Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting apps from iTunes. Let’s see what people say!

“When I was thinking of planning a child, I was looking for the perfect tracker, allowing me to know everything about my body and cycle in a couple of clicks. I tried many, but I fell in love with Ovia Fertility. I got pregnant in the first month of using this app.” — Says Olivia, lawyer, and a happy mother. She started to use Ovia Fertility in 2015 while planning her pregnancy.

“This is one of my favorite pregnancy apps for tracking the baby’s progress. I like how you can also put in doctors appointments, track weight, BP, etc. The daily reminders for prenatal vitamins help if you’re the sort of person who might forget.” — says Sintia, the businesswoman who is waiting for two kids.

“ My baby is now 8 months old and I currently use the Ovia Parenting app which also exceeds my expectations! It’s so fun to read the articles and see where my baby is at in terms of progress compared to other babies her age. “ — says Naomi, a housewife from New York.

Now Ovia Health main office is still in Boston. We are proud to see how people from our city continue to change the parenting experience worldwide.

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