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How A Boston Engineer Created An Uber For The Car Repair Services

Once in 2012, a guy from Boston named Robb wanted a small alignment of his car's wheels. He had about $200 in his pocket, and he tried to deal with it right away. Robb went to the nearest car repair point and told about his issue. The service advisor glanced on the car, went to another room for 15 minutes and brought a paper pack. It was a 12-page estimate of what needs to be done with Robb’s car before they can move on to the wheels. The price mentioned in the estimate nearly reached $4000. Robb sipped a coffee, told the advisor he needs to pay visit to the grocery shop and rode away without any service performed with his car. That night Robb was busy searching some local and skilled mechanics who could align the wheels for the fair price without any huge estimates. However, the search was useless. Luckily, Robb was the founder and CEO of three enterprise software companies before: Acorn Software at 1992-1995, AcerSoft Corporation at 1995-1997, and Astrum Softwareat 1997-2003. As a result, Robb Infantino founded «an Uber for the car repair services.» called Openbay. An online marketplace allowing the customers to compare quotes, read other customer’s reviews and book the local small and high-quality car repair services. That was the genesis of Openbay - an online marketplace that allowed customers to compare quotes, read customer reviews, and book service with repair shops that provide high-quality service in their neighborhoods. This conception hasn’t ever changed since the Openbay’s inception. Scheduling a car repair or maintenance is simple as say «Hello!». Tell Openbay what is wrong with your car by filling the form. Find the best local service repair shop among the suggestions based on your location. Book an appointment in a couple of clicks: no phone calls or queues. To ensure the safety and guarantee of booking made, Openbay has some requirements for the services they choose for cooperation. The service can perform quotes and booking can be done only if it:

  • has insurance and operates at least for the last six months;

  • offers part or service warranty or both;

  • charge fair prices;

  • provides excellent customer service;

  • technicians working there have ASE, Manufacturer or Mechanical certificates.

  • This system works, people can prove it. Just look at these feedbacks collected from an AppStore!

«Have you ever wanted to use an app that’s not unique but has a passionate and supportive entrepreneur behind it? You found it.» — Says Dilan, an entrepreneur from California. He is excited by the level of support provided to every customer. «Travelled in MA and needed a repair on my Honda. I didn't know many service stations in the area. I heard about Openbay on the radio. I gave it a try. Had 12 quotes to service my car in a matter of minutes. Highly recommend.» — an opinion of a user with nickname «Carmela-on-the-road.» Openbay is a perfect example of a startup. Now the company opened offices in many locations, but the main crew is still in Boston. Openbay is proof of the power of the local communities.

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