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Get The Most Of Your Apartment Building Community With Cobu

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

It all started with two eureka moments in Benjamin Pleat's life. During his work experience, Benjamin observed the painful competition on the apartment building owners market, and he wanted to get rid of this useful tension.

From the personal side, his inspiration came from his mother's experience who moved to Boston and missed her evenings with friends so much. Of course, he wanted to ease her life somehow.

Well, Benjamin invented Cobu, which previously called Doorbell to solve both problems at once. Cobu is short for the Community Builders. Cobu mission is about building an active local community in every house. The app has its perks both for the residents and local businesses. Residents can engage with local events, save their experience details on the calendars and redeem special discounts on local businesses via the Cobu app. Cobu is a platform simplifying the communication between the residents and building an engaged local community.

  • Everyone who wants to organise something interesting for the community is welcome to collaborate with a Cobu team on a volunteer basis. Skilful specialists, e.g. performers, card game masters, presenters and others can become Cobu Experience providers.

  • Community organisers can get tips on how to organise a great local event from the Cobu team. Also, Cobu will promote their activities for free, so more local people can join.

  • If you are a local business owner, hurry to become a neighbourhood gem! More local people will know about your business, ergo, more interested clients will come to use your services or eat your food. Such a perfect free marketing campaign, isn’t it?

Cobu collects every post-experience feedback from every resident and forms a quarterly report based on the data analysis. The report includes a community engagement in each event, the dynamics of resident interests and insights and a community score for each community. Let’s see what people say about the exact realization of Benjamin Pleat’s idea! «Thank you for providing such an incredible community at my building here in Boston. Your team has made me finally belong in this city where I have lived for three years without really knowing anyone» — says Mary, an artist who moved from Texas and found her community via Cobu. «The Cobu app is great. It has transformed my life in the city. Thank you so much for bringing the true community to my apartment building!» — Says Joe, a lawyer who moved from Europe about five years ago. He didn't know anybody before discovering Cobu, but now he never skips a community barbeque party. Benjamin Pleat’s idea has changed the lives of many Boston homes. Thanks to Cobu, living in the community have transformed into a vivid experience!

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