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B2B vs B2C Mobile app: development phase

Training and education is an essential part of the B2B app development. Your team should clearly understand each aspect of the final product. They should know answers to the following questions:

  • What is the domain of an app?

  • Who is the client?

  • Who is the audience?

Of course, you must spend some time to make clear guidelines for every developer. It would be best if you answered the questions your team will ask. Be ready for misunderstanding and dumb questions in the beginning. It is a good sign. Prepare your team for the development process going according to the given guidelines. Your team should consist of people who can strictly obey instructions. Also, your developers might be at least a middle+ qualification level. There is no room for the mistakes in the B2B app development. Of course, there will be some bugs, but your team must be able to fix them instantly. It is perfect if your developers already have experience in delivering B2B iOS app. The process of making B2B application is complicated and straightforward at the same time. From one side, your team of developers needs to understand all the details of the project and what they exactly need to do. They need to see their part of work and the big picture as well to implement in line with requirements.

The truth is, 99% of requirements and ideas about the B2B app development comes from the product management team.

B2C development is more flexible than B2B. Listen to your dev team comments, ideas, feedback. They are part of your target audience. Their opinions can help to make your product better. The developer is a potential customer, as well, so he or she can bring some interesting ideas. Little tip: you can arrange brainstorm meetups and receive the bulk of valuable information. Of course, in the very beginning, you must have the conception, plan, MVP, all that. However, if the final vision of the product changes many times during the dev process, this is good. Development takes time, and marketing surveys taken in the very beginning can lose their actuality. The speed also matters. It would be best if you delivered the final product as soon as possible. Trends change fastly, and it’s best to be a little bit ahead of the mainstream. Another tip: don’t let your development team immerse into their daily routine and lose their creativity. Welcome every idea on the brainstorm. In general, B2C app development is more complicated. It requires not only tech skills but creativity and full immersion into the project. However, mostly it costs less. You can let the trainees or junior developers contribute to the app-making process.

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